Cloud Computing Grows Up

Nicole Fallon| Businessnewsdaily

The popularity of cloud computing for businesses is undeniable. With an ever-increasing number of mobile devices that have constant Internet connectivity, the cloud is one of the best ways to boost efficiency and collaboration within your business.

What was once seen as a revolutionary way to do business is now the norm, and according to a new report, it’s about to change again.

Market Research Reports recently released a 15-section report on the future of the cloud for network operators and cloud service providers. According to the report, the cloud is moving beyond simple computing and data storage into a new realm of communications, applications and content. This evolution is evident in the existence of communications products like Google Voice and cloud-based payment solutions for mobile commerce.

The report contains information on the different types of cloud solutions, enterprise challenges presented by cloud computing, personal and vendor cloud services, and opportunities for small businesses using cloud solutions. It also outlines several case studies, market trends and predictions about cloud-based operations.



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