Zoho in Singapore has been emphasized on brining ease of managing information. The release of Customer Relation Management product of Zoho in Singapore has a remarkable social influence on Singaporeans. CRM product of Zoho in Singapore has influenced customer tracking in a wonderful way. Zoho in Singapore has simplified the internal data integration points via Application Programming Interfaces.

Zoho in Singapore is ahead of the technological curve in providing its services over the cloud. This positioning of Zoho in Singapore made it face hurdles in Singapore, in the past days. Issues of internet connectivity and low internet penetration provided a low priority track to Zoho in Singapore.

At present, Zoho in Singapore is competing with Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce.com. The release of CRM product of Zoho in Singapore has provided it with this competitive path.

Zoho in Singapore has made an outstanding position for the software companies. It has provided them with a boost in their business manifolds, increased sales, and right business strategies.

Since the release of CRM product of Zoho in Singapore, businessmen are enjoying a full control over their businesses by maintaining transparency for their business related data.

In Singapore, CRM programs had a worst standing for being too technical, difficulty to implement, and an inconvenience to use. This was certainly true especially for those Singaporeans who were running small to medium sized business, and who were lacking resources and funds to customize their customer relationship management strategies properly. But, the launch of CRM product of Zoho in Singapore provided those Singaporean businessmen with a firm platform for supervising marketing efforts, leads, inventory, opportunities and customer support.

In the last few years, a large number of Singaporean businessmen had plans to maintain and increase their number of employees. In addition Singaporean businessmen were planning to adopt flexible working in order to increase the productivity of their staff and to reduce the cost of managing their employees- the launch of Zoho in Singapore has provided a flexible business solution to all of them. It is providing organizations with new pillars of marketing, sales, and business modules. The target market for Zoho in Singapore is evidently the small to medium sized businesses. CRM product of Zoho in Singapore is providing small to medium sized businesses with APIs for integrating their CRM modules with applications of third party including self-service portals, e-commerce, ERP and accounting.

Zoho in Singapore is easily providing a considerable market share by radically enhancing the price-point of products. One of the goals of releasing Zoho in Singapore was to minimize the number of clicks that were required by Singaporean businesses to accomplish their daily tasks.

In Singapore, with a large number of direct competitors in the international business arena, the need to attract attention of more customers is essential as an international business strategy. Mediocrity must not be provided any room. Singaporean business industry needs to maximize its potential by gaining edge over its international competitors. Only the proper adoption of Zoho in Singapore can provide this edge to the business industry. The multiple services and applications of Zoho CRM can boost potential of business industry to drive a large number of customers.

Adoption of CRM product of Zoho in Singapore can assure businessmen that they are taking care of their business in a proper manner, making it more productive. Zoho CRM can automate daily business activities in order to build better relation with customers and to identify jams in advance.

How Xcluesiv can Help?


In Singapore, Xcluesiv is the first Alliance Partner of Zoho, Zoho offers affordable on-demand business productivity and collaboration applications to small and mid-size businesses worldwide, and it has more than 8 million users. Xcluesiv provides consultancy, migration/implementation, continuing support and training of Zoho productivity applications including Zoho CRM, Zoho Reports, Zoho Projects etc.


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