Cloud service technology has now made the transition from serving individuals and businesses to being enlisted as an essential IT solution in the US defense. The US defense plans to decrease the number of data centers from the current figure of 1,500 in a bid to consolidate its data handling into a more centralized format. Robert Carey, CIO of the US Defense Department said that the move to adopt cloud-based applications was aimed at increasing security of data within the defense network as well as to cut costs.

He added that while the Department of Defense was aware of the possible risks and cloud disruption, they plan to implement rigorous monitoring and cryptography in place.

At its core, the paradigm shift implies a change from monitoring security for a network as opposed to managing security for data. The practical appeal and undoubted benefits of cloud computing application is slowly but surely bringing thousands of companies and businesses around to the idea of taking their data to the cloud-based solutions.


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