Zoho’s Latest Gift for Small Businesses- Zoho ContactManager

In the month of September, Zoho announced the launch of its new application for small businesses- Zoho Contact Manager. With the help of this application users can create, manage and view information regarding their business contacts and keep track of all communications taking place with the contacts.

Zoho ContactManger provides users of small businesses an easy way to distribute and manage tasks among the team members in order to get things done within the planned deadlines.

 To share contacts with their team members, small businesses need an easy solution. In the present times, small sized businesses have some better tools that are too expansive for their needs, due to this reason they end up employing spreadsheets for the purpose of sharing contacts among their team members.

Zoho’s pledge to small businesses encouraged them to fill this gap with powerful, yet simple contact manager that allows users of small businesses to centrally share and save contact information, and to keep track of all interactions taking place within a central place.

How Zoho’s Gift can benefit Small Businesses?

Zoho ContactManager is best solution for small sized businesses having limited needs for managing their contacts. Let’s have a look on how it can benefit small businesses.

Single Place for managing all Business Contacts

Within the small sized business, all users can add and arrange their business contacts in single central place.


Unified Outlook for all Communications

With the help of Zoho ContactManager all communications taking place with the business contacts are tracked in a single location. Complete information such as comments, tasks, notes and communication history related with contacts (email conversations, contact’s Twitter and Facebook interactions) are all recorded in one place.

Sharing of Prompt Updates

When team members have updates to share with other members, they can instantly communicate with colleagues via module of Feeds, where other users from the team can exchange, collaborate, and respond to ideas and make a mutual decision.

Task Accomplishment with Hassle Free Follow Up 

The use of ContactManger can allow small business owners to assign tasks to their team members, keep track of to-do items and follow them up based on priority. Using templates of task, best practices can also be shared with other team members who can follow up on the accurate activities.

ContactManager in the Pocket of Small Business Users

ContactManager is offered as a native app for Android and iPhone, which allows users to do everything from viewing information related to contacts, adding business contacts, maintaining record of recent activities, proficiently managing tasks, all on the go.



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