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Jelastic.Inc is a Cloud startup and one of the first cloud services of its nature based on the PaaS or Platform as a Service model of business. Jelastic Inc is a truly dynamic name in the domain of cloud based industry – it has a global presence and offers server platforms based on Java and PHP environment for both the developers and the application service providers.

The cloud hosting platform provided by Jelastic Inc can scale and run any kind of application based on JAVA and PHP – there is no need of any change of code to deploy and configure; areas such as scaling, deploying and managing are automated with the help of a few clicks.

Elastic platform supports many types of high performance and well known web servers like Jetty Tomcat, Apache, Glassfish, and NGINX, which can support both of the popular development environment based on Java and PHP. Now, Jelastic has started the service of Apache TomEE to become the first of such kind in the industry of cloud hosting. It is very easy to deploy any application developed with Java and PHP; scaling up or scaling down on the computing resources is automatic and instant. There is a very dynamic procedure for the application development Lifecycle – application goes online in just a couple of steps.

Apache TomEE server is one of the most modern and latest technology application servers in this domain that provides fast-speed, efficient deployment and an advance technology-stack to the application developers. Apache TomEE is the most salient portfolio of PaaS service that embeds many features of the enterprise projects like Apache Apache OpenJPA, OpenWebBeans, Apache MyFaces and Apache OpenEJB etc.

TomEE is Java compliance, and it provides the customers and developers with the values as listed below:

  • Very high speed servers compatible with Tomcat tools, Tomcat-ware and JavaEE
  • Enterprise-ready application server for immediate use
  • No changes in the codes – just upload and install through a few clicks.
  • A user friendly environment that does not require any additional training or learning.
  • Easy access to transactions and JPA and also the capability to modify and review the source files provided by Tomcat
  • Tightly integrated with exciting functionalities like load-balancing, persistence to NoSQL and SQL, and replication etc.
  • Automatic scaling up and scaling down of the resources.

With the start of TomEE application server, the customers would be able to get many opportunities and options for delivering the JAVA EE 6 web profile in more straightforward and efficient ways. In his press release statement, Mr. Dmitry Sotnikov, Jelastic COO told that we have been receiving many requests from our application developer community for starting time because it is a natural fit for Tomcat Cloud Platform, compatible with Java EE and fast startup time footprints of Tomcat. He further said that the since the pre-announcement of starting of TomEE, the company received an overwhelming response from the customers.

Application server based on TomEE adopts many advance features that makes it quicker and more efficient from the older tomcat versions – it removes architecture overheads that JEE servers normally take in their operation, which make it lightweight, effortless and fast.


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