Cloud Computing Pressure at Midsize Firms

Marissa Tejada| Midsizeinsider

Cloud computing is being adopted at a faster rate among growing firms that need to do more with less. The cloud is an on-demand solution that offers the increased productivity they seek. Nonetheless, according to industry professionals, adoption of the cloud is not always voluntary.

Pushed to the Cloud

As reported in CRN, solution providers are finding that more midsize firms are indeed moving their applications and data to the cloud but that the switch is being prompted by pressure from industry as well as business partners and enterprise customers who prefer cloud technology to run their businesses. The cloud providers addressed the trend at a recent VAR Roundtable. According to one vendor, 75 percent of financial companies are focused on making cloud computing a foundational component of their business model. CRN’s report says this trend can be seen in other industries such as healthcare where smaller practices must be in the cloud to work with larger hospitals and clinics.

Cloud from the Start

The revelations from CRN’s roundtable are pertinent for midsize firms in all types of industries. More firms are considering the cloud because of its ability to increase productivity and flexibility. IT professionals at midsize firms may initially be hesitant due to concerns about cost and security, but as time passes, cloud technology is proving to be a game changer for smaller firms and, therefore, worth the initial investment. Working with the right types of vendors that are focused on midsize solutions helps IT professionals to tackle security concerns and to ensure the best cloud implementation.

Larger companies have been in the cloud for years, and this cloud presence has empowered them to partner with like-minded firms and to innovate with versatility. In order to grasp bigger business opportunities, small and midsize firms are taking the leap into the cloud.

Working Together

According to CRN, cloud solution providers note growing pressure on small and midsize firms to adopt cloud computing. Increasingly, these firms will have no choice but to take an open approach to adopting the cloud if they want to work with partners who already utilize it. It is up to IT professionals at midsize firms to work with cloud computing vendors who can meet their specific needs. At the end of the day, small and midsize firms need to be ready to partner with larger enterprises to be able to grasp the opportunities that have hitherto eluded them.


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