By Jason Houck

The way a brand manages it’s online presence on Social Media is critical. If the brand is managed poorly, they experience no growth and a decline in business. In comparison, if a brand is managed successfully, success follows with their audience going global about how great and unique the brand is. Resulting in increased sales and likeability. Below, I am going to share tips on how to manage your brand online successfully through Social Media.

  1. Create a personal and memorable experience. Interact with your audience daily to ensure they know you acknowledge them. Surprise with a “Thank You” and “How is your day going?” Respond to all negative and positive feedback publicly. Show them you care and value them.
  2. Handle customer complaints in a timely manner. Be ready with an answer to a question and solution to a problem. Do this by coming up with possible questions that may be asked or possible problems that may arise then activate a plan into action to be ready.
  3. Let your audience know they make your brand. Ask what they want to see. Then listen, respond and deliver. After all, a brand with no audience results in no brand and no sales.
  4. Work together as a team. Collaborate, hear all ideas and assign each person a task accordingly. Always have a back up person cross trained to handle online management in Social Media in case others are sick, encounters a freak accident or has a death in the family.
  5. Make your online presence FUN. Let your audience know you are relaxed and inviting. Tweet and post humor, offer contests. Great aspect to have to show that you are friendly and ready to take the brand to relationship building.
  6. Plan ahead for the week. Have a backup strategy plan in place. Do this by creating a weekly agenda to help the brand stay on task and moving forward. It is important to always think ahead.
  7. Create content that defines the brand as a valuable resource and engages. Ask questions for feedback, share articles that answers commonly asked questions. Keep it relevant and to the point. Never confuse!

Brand Management on Social Media becomes a difficult task for some brands as they don’t take the time to adapt to where new media is today. Brand success begins when the brand works together as a team planning to create an experience unlike any other. The main focus I am conveying here is to give your audience and customers reason to connect, share, build a relationship and go viral with your brand. The key ingredient to online brand management in social media is to have superb customer service and engage but do it in a unique and authentic way. Make the brand POP with awesome.



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