“As organizations grow, they find they need to migrate to new storage hardware” noted Yury Borukh, CEO of IT at Once. “This transition typically involves a significant investment of both capital and staff resources. Now, we can provide cost-effective solutions with cutting edge technology.”

According to Borukh, IT at Once cloud servers meet the need for connectivity and storage through web/database hosting and file storage.

“We created more innovative backup and recovery solutions to facilitate clients’ productivity and expansion,” he said. “Our initiative in this respect now provides enterprises a securer way to manage databases and a more dependable disaster recovery solution.”

Proprietary designs by IT at Once offer business continuity even in breakdown conditions. The company protects all significant data and enables businesses to continue uninterrupted with no downtime. In addition, the company’s life-cycle management services improve centralized control. This in turn reduces ownership costs by removing geographical barriers, and interconnecting desktops and laptops, explained Borukh.

Cloud hosting Solutions from IT at Once include infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), cloud servers, cloud desktop virtualization, VMware cloud hosting and Vblock, virtual rack solutions, and private rack solutions. The company also provides IT Consulting Services, such as IT architecture and design, strategy and planning, business continuity and disaster recovery, infrastructure services, outsourcing, and staffing network management, data center management, monitoring and reporting, and desktop management.

IT at Once recently added a dedicated support team, Support San Diego, for its local and national clients. Many IT at Once clients are companies in the greater San Diego area.


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