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As local firms have yet to fully embrace cloud computing and virtualization, storage maker EMC said these tech trends—along with big data —will continue to dominate the local  enterprise IT space in 2013.

Ronnie Latinazo, country manager of EMC Philippines, said during a press briefing in December that local businesses are expected to increase their IT spending this year to seize the opportunities offered by these new technologies.

“The Philippines is a bright star amidst the global economic gloom. We’re optimistic for 2013,” said Latinazo, noting that the boom in online gaming and gambling in the country is presenting a huge opportunity for the company.

The EMC executive said cloud computing also offers business opportunity since the Philippines still has low virtualization adoption as compared to other countries.

“Local firms will start adopting big data solutions in a big way next year,” said Latinazo, the long-time country manager of EMC Philippines.

The rise in the big data phenomenon led businesses to re-think the power of big data analytics, Latinazo noted.

The official said 2012 saw the widespread adoption of enterprise mobility driven largely by BYOD (bring your own device) trends and the consumerization of IT.

“The rampant adoption of portable smart devices accelerated the ease to create, consume and share data at high speeds and exponentially larger quantities causing businesses to look at more effective ways of managing and leveraging this data growth,” he said.


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