Last month, Zoho added another application to its suite- Zoho Docs for Desktop. This application has the capability of two-way file synchronization to Zoho Docs. With the addition of this new application, the users of Zoho Docs can now perform file synchronization on their Linux desktop, Mac, local Windows and laptop computers through cloud. In addition to this, users can synchronize their remote files with their local computers.


By adding this new application to its suite, Zoho has provided a unique opening for businesses as zoho users now have the powerful capability of two-way synchronization of file combined with strongly integrated online office suite and expanded options for storage.

Zoho users can synchronize all folders or files or select particular folders for synchronization. On a particular computer, with the synchronization folders, users will have those files available both on their computers as well as in the cloud folder of Zoho Docs at the same time. Moreover, other highlights of Zoho Docs file synchronization include:

Selective Synchronization

Selective synchronization is offered by Zoho Docs, which allows users to synchronize only the specific files and folders that they need to access. Each computer can be used to synchronize a different set of files and folders to represent different priorities.

Ease of Working Offline

With the new option of synchronization, users now have the ease of working on their files from their desktop computers without going online. Users can delete or edit content from those files that are present in the folders of Zoho Docs. When users would go online, these files would be synchronized automatically.

Instant synchronization of File

Zoho Docs instantaneously synchronizes files between local computers and cloud application of Zoho Docs.  This is not it, even files on various computers linked to account of Zoho Docs will also be synchronized instantaneously.

Coordination of Team

     In order to improve teamwork, Zoho Docs allows users to synchronize shared workspaces on their desktop computers. Workspace file changes are reflected on different computers on which Zoho Docs is running. Therefore, every member of workspace will be able to see the new changes. Moreover, Zoho Docs also gains tight integration of functionality between Zoho Show, Zoho Sheet and Zoho Writer. Zoho has also restored the user interface of Zoho Docs in order to provide a cleaner and consistent appearance and to streamline the process of managing files.

Availability and Pricing

The file synchronization feature- Zoho Docs for Desktop is available for free and immediately. The Zoho Docs free edition has unlimited number of users and 5 GB of storage. The price of standard edition is $5/user/month; this has 250 GB of storage and needs at least five users. The price of Enterprise Edition is $8/user/month, 1 TB of storage and needs at least 10 users.


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