RISQ Group Website- Success Secrets Revealed

RISQ Group is an independent global provider of risk management services and solutions. RISQ Group works with small and large organizations to deliver best results on a diverse range of risk management initiatives.

RISQ Group Website- Success Secrets Revealed

After the merger of RISQ Group with AIM Screening, a leading background screening organization, logicactive.com provided its services to develop and design a new website for re-launch. For the re-launch of their website, RISQ Group needed an easily updated yet simple website in order to reflect their corporate and professional brand. They wanted their website to give a feel of risk reduction through their web design. Logicactive.com completely revamped their website that now completely reflects their business slogan.

Unique Web Theme

The website of RISQ Group has been designed on a unique theme. Whoever visits the website does not leave without falling in love with the unique theme. The special thing about its theme is that it is very simple and easy, it saves a lot of hassles and time of visitors. As RISQ Group needed a website to represent their business, logicactive.com designed a perfect them for their website.

Mobile Friendly Responsive Web

The mobile market is blasting with exceptional growth, and for providing a better UX to clients, companies are no longer wavering to grasp responsive web design. Risk Group website has a responsive web design that can be viewed easily on smart devices. Users get attracted with the top navigation bar when they open it on their smart devices as it allows them to get around the complete website. This makes sense for users as there is no major focus for them other than to get inspired by different works.


Sleek and Corporate Style Website

Web design is all about providing information to the users in a usable, clean and direct manner.

Website of RISQ Group is a corporate style website that gives the feel of their company and their service purpose. In addition to this, RISQ Group website gives a complete professional look to its visitors in order to attain their lasting and solid impression.

Color pallets, layouts, and graphics are all vital in providing a great UX to site visitors. RISQ Group website is not only interactive, however complements its business objectives. The use of colors and graphics excellently attracts visitors and make them stay for long on the website.

The use of soothing colors in the website design complements with their business. A clean look along with white and grey tones put the company’s services center and front.

The website of RISQ Group is easily digestible and intuitive. The most interesting part of this website is the horizontal sliding banners that presents catchy content combined with relevant images.

The website of RISQ Group has sleek design with eye catching images and refined gradients that are overall based on white color scheme. The entire website is designed on a solid yet sleek grid which helps in balancing the elements of different pages.

Conceptual Banners

In the RISQ Group website, banners are being placed at the right position. The right width and height of the sliding banners is one of the most influential elements of the website.

The conceptual banners that have been used for this website are smooth, text positions are clearly planned. In addition to this, titles present in the banners visually attract visitors and compels them to stay for long on the website.

For the RISQ Group website, the conceptual banners are relevant to their service offerings. These banners speak to the visitors in their language, and comply with the specific desires and needs of the targeted audience.


SEO Friendly Website

For the spiders of search engines which crawl a website; site maps provide food. The site map present in the RISQ Group website provides links to all the main pages of its website, enabling every page included on their site map to be indexed by the visitors. This is a very good thing, having all of the main web pages included in the database of search engine makes RISQ Group website more likely to appear in the search engine results when an online user performs a search.

The site map in the website of RISQ Group pushes the search engines towards the individual pages of the website rather than making visitors to search for links.

In RISQ Group website, you will find site map in the footer. This placement of site map engages visit duration of users.



Easy Navigation in the Website

By softening and simplifying the navigation, RISQ Group website opens the complete screen to be used a canvas for their services.


In the website, the great advantage of horizontal navigation is that it takes less space as compared to vertical navigation bar. In RISQ Group website, you will find an appealing navigation bar at the top of the page.

In the website, you will find useful drop down menus as they will reveal the website contents easily by mousing over the navigation bar. When you will move your mouse over the navigation bar, the list of pages under the main section would appear dynamically. You can click on any of the page link to go straight to any particular page. The use of drop down menu in the RISQ Group website has made it simple for its visitors to discover their website.


Bold Call to Action Buttons

When you will visit the website of RISQ Group, you will find beautifully colored, large and bold call to action buttons at the end of the every page. This positioning of the call to action buttons makes it stand out on the web pages and draw your attention directly to the demanded call to action.


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