Leader of the UX: Do we know him?

1.The Perception:

When the term ‘leader ‘ is suggested it is to be perceived as someone who possesses the qualities of intelligence, ruggedness, determination and vision but these are insufficient in the constantly developing world. Today, the concept of globalization has brought the world more closer and hence our workforce has become more diverse. The leader of today requires more than the above mentioned qualities. He must develop the softer approach, must be self-aware of his surroundings, knows how to empathize and most importantly be motivating.

Leader of the UX Do we know him

2. Planning:

The managers at a senior level in the corporate world need to think big and effective in the long run. They have to plan ahead keeping in mind the tools and resources they have. Here, the Strategic Leader of the UX department has an added responsibility. Keeping in mind, the fresh introduction of UX in the corporation he has to ensure that company’s goals are being met with the models that are being developed in the UX. Goal Alignment is extremely necessary along with the UX models so as to keep intact the sanctity and credibility of the company.

3. Creating Awareness:

Apart from communicating strategies, it is extremely necessary that the strategic manager must train and develop the awareness and applicability of UX among managers of the various departments. A strategic manager must be able to develop ways to satisfy the queries of the leaders working directly under him, must know how to make leaders more comfortable with UX and must develop them technically.

4. Willingness:

Another aspect is the willingness of the Strategic Leader himself. This comes as to how willing he is to adopt UX on a personal level and to what extent. As many skilled leaders have merely failed due to their reluctance in adopting a significant change while climbing up the success ladder of the corporate world.

5. The Tactical Manager:

Leader of the UX

Front line managers who are dealing with the employees on a daily basis are the ones who put the strategies into action. More clearly they are the sergeants leading the troops with the lieutenant (Strategic Leader) at rear.


Because of the broad spectrum of their work the tactical manager must be technically affluent in terms of industrial design, interaction design, usability testing, user research, human factors engineering, visual design, and globalization to the extent where they can easily align themselves with the UX designers.

They must (again as said earlier for the strategic manager) focus on their personal development in terms of managing and acquiring UX skills not entirely but to such an extent where they are better able to manage the hardware, software, training and development and evaluations that all go in to running a UX model.

6. Conclusion:

At this stage, it is observed that nothing can be achieved single handedly. An entire team effort is required to make UX implementation a success. The strategies are outlined by the senior manager whereas it is the work of the tactical manager to work in aligning those strategies with the UX designers to achieve corporate goals.

UX teams can only show their true colors when the platform provider has a concrete UX leadership. Hence, making the applicability and absorption of UX in to the running corporate infrastructure more smoothly.


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