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Sanbolic is one of the leader companies that introduced the latest technologies in the domain of cloud computing and information technology. Sanbolic is the first provider of data management and cloud server services based on cached system storage devices. Sanobolic was established in the year 2000 with the most innovative concept to provide the most efficient and cost efficient services.

He services based on Melio data management platform has changed the economics of information technology. With the launch of Melio V5, a wide spectrum of value to the customer has just merged into this single service.

The customers can get the most attractive and exciting features of the cloud based services under one umbrella – the high performance, low cost, instant and dynamic scalability and 100% availability are available through the latest technology of flash devices and Melio 5 software. The profit margins are depleting in the domain of the cloud market due to fierce competition in such conditions, the cheapest infrastructure with high performance can only survive effectively like Google and Facebook do with their cloud services.

CloudTweaks took a moment to speak with Momchil “Memo” Michailov, CEO of Sanbolic and according to the CEO and co-founder, storage vendors are earning as much as 60% margins while the storage component vendors are operating at about 25% to 30% but this margin for server vendors is much lower as low as about 16 to 20%.

He was further quoted in a menu as saying , “We have the capability to deliver the scale out through software of commodity storage devices. We can now take the benefits of the high-performing flash devices inside the servers and we can turn that into highly available scale out pools, so you can scale 8048 nodes into a single cluster”.

In a press release statement issued by the Sanbolic states that there are many notable features and valuable benefits that Melio and the server side flash, HDD and SSD primary storage have to offer. The most exciting benefits and features that a client can get from these services are summarized for quick-catch.

  • High availability of about 100% and distributed scale-out through software
  • The quickest application adoption like hyper-scale web services due to server side flash
  • With Flash, SSD and HDD on the server side makes it exceptionally cheap in terms of company’s IT economics
  • Customers get RAID redundancy, QoS and remote replication of the server.
  • The customer can deploy server based storage and commodity architecture.
  • The customer feels flexibility of public clouds like Google and Facebook in its private cloud
  • Malio-V5 Volume Management provides the option for cost efficient on-premises infrastructure.
  • Melio 5 supports the linear scalability of about 65,000 storage devices and scaling up of the nodes up to 2048 nodes, which gives cost efficiency, flexibility and scalability to the customers.
  • Flash storage reduces the operating cost with the help of storing the random access data on the sectors of flash and sequential data can be put on inexpensive disks.
  • Flash storage offer the customer single point of failure; thus, increasing the network availability

The combination of flash, HDD, SSD and Melio software offers the corporate customers the flexibility and scalability of public cloud within the security of the private cloud.

The flash provides the highest input/output operations per second; it supports as much as 65000 IOP/second, which is much higher than normal disk arrays.

The software enabled storage services are more cost efficient, faster, more scalable and more flexible as compared to the legacy solutions of the cloud storage. It has been found by the industry experts that in the normal case, the disk drive and the server vendors operate at a margin of about 20% to 30% while the disk array vendors operate about 60% margin. This form of cloud services is drastically changing the economics of cloud storage and related services drastically.


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