3 Steps to Building Brand Loyalty

Curt Richardson | Inc

Becoming an enduring brand with a loyal following starts early and takes a lot of time and effort. Take these three cues from some of the best.

It’s sometimes surprising to me that people can be against a brand, or rather so passionate about one brand that all others seem abhorrent. It’s especially apparent in the world in which OtterBox operates. There is a contingent of smartphone users that are staunchly tied to a particular device or operating system. There are endless forums dedicated to the praise of one and bashing of all others.

The smartphone market is a great example of how a premium brand experience creates loyalists -but brands have been creating experiences for their customers long before smartphones were even imagined in science fiction glimpses of the distant future.

Brand loyalty is important to earn and hard to keep. I have my favorite brands but am always willing to try a new one. That doesn’t mean I’m jumping ship, but I need to know what else is out there. I usually return to those brands that have gone beyond providing a product. Below are three common elements I’ve found in the brands I admire:

1. Connection With Customers

Today’s consumers want more than the product they are purchasing. They are looking for an experience, so premium brands offer a sensory package. BMW has really hit the mark on a sensory package–it’s the feel, the sound, the smell that let you know you’re behind the wheel of the ultimate driving machine.

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