Your Content Marketing Must Become Convenient

Eric Wittlake | b2bdigital

Look around you. There is a coffee shop on nearly every corner. Supermarkets offer one-stop shopping for all your needs. Your favorite TV shows are recorded or are available on demand, conveniently available anytime you want. Google and Wikipedia have put information on nearly any subject just a keystroke or click away.

In our personal lives, convenience is all around us and we expect it at every turn.

The question is, are you delivering convenience for your audience at every stage of the the buying process?

Why B2B Marketing Must Be Convenient

What does convenient marketing look like? In short, it means you are going out of your way to make buying convenient for your audience. If you are more difficult to work with, people will spend their time with your competitors.

Your competitor will educate them, will influence their perspective on what is important in a partner and will have an advantage competing for the business. All because they started as the more convenient option.



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