Why Xcluesiv

When we started Xcluesiv Cloud Technology Pte. Ltd our focus was to provide exclusive services in technology arena of Singapore. We started developing solutions with a small but passionate team of professionals with combined experience of more than 15 years and developed large scale systems and web applications exclusive to business needs. This is what our company name “Xcluesiv” portrays. However, many people ask us that why we have this spelling rather than the original spelling Exclusive or Xclusive? We have logical reasons to have this new spelling of exclusive for our company and the reason of writing this blog post is to unveil those logical reasons to people. 


“X” of Xcluesiv

In the logo of Xcluesiv, “X” is having sharp and directional edges representing that Xcluesiv provides cutting-edge technology solutions including Process Automation, Digital Solutions, Strategic solutions etc. We remain updated with latest technological trends to provide our clients with exceptional quality solutions.


XclueSIV gives a Clue

We have adopted this name Xcluesiv Cloud Technology to provide information about our business i-e cloud and automation solutions. 

The logic that lies within this name is that in between “X” and “SIV” you can see a word “Clue”, meaning that it provides clue for SIV- Security, Integrity and Viability. 

Security: We have always regarded security as the priority consideration for our cloud and automation solutions. With us, regardless of the type of solution, security of your data is assured throughout your journey towards cloud to let you safely benefit from the rewards of our cloud solutions. 

Integrity: Xcluesiv has a history of providing error free innovation and cloud solution to the clients in different industries of Singapore. We have earned this reputation for integrity by ensuring that our clients receive a unique combination of high-tech solution and the highest level of support. 

Viability: Our systems are viable for any size of business and have the potential to adapt to new technological changes.  Our cost-effective, affordable and comprehensive process automation solutions cater the specific needs of each business, and can be upgraded easily when needed. This way we not only enable our clients to enjoy the automation benefits but also ensure the expansion of these solutions in future. 


Xcluesiv A Name Says it All

The mix of above mentioned reasons is what makes us Xcluesiv. This newly spelled word carries the essence of different flavors. This name best suits our business and reminds our clients about the exceptional services we offer.
If you want to learn more about how we are providing exclusive cloud and automation solution, then please visit us at: https://xcluesiv.com/aboutus/

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