As we all know that Content Management System or CMS is a system that allows you to manage your website content.  The two main types of available CMS are custom CMS and Open Source CMS. In case of custom CMS, you provide the development company details of those features which you need in your CMS and then development company develops it for you as per your need.

Who Wins the War Custom CMS or Open Source CMS

In contrast, Open Source CMS is a software that is available for free; this software has been developed by like-minded group or individuals.

The question that which one is better Open Source CMS or Custom CMS comes in the minds of many individuals, the answer to this question is somehow obvious and that is Open Source is a good option to go for. Now, let’s discuss those factors that tilt towards Open Source.

Factor of Cost

In case of Open Source, the major factor that attracts a large number of individuals towards it is its free availability. You can easily download Open Source CMS and use in your project of web design. Thus, when your website gets designed using Open Source software, you might be sure that designing company is only going to charge for the design of website and not for the CMS development. Whereas, in case of custom CMS, cost of development is very high as the development company does custom coding.

Upgrades and Future Developments

Years of research has been done for Open Source CMS. Each upgrade in the Open Source CMS makes it much better for its users. You still think that you would like to go for custom CMS? This might be difficult for you as you will have to afford developers team who will continuously work on your CMS to identify and fix errors and bugs for you. So, Open Source is the best path to be followed for your CMS.

Accessible Features

It is strange yet true that open source CMS has more features as compared to custom CMS. Many individuals use open source CMS and upgrade it on regular basis. As of the diversity and variety of the individuals using open source CMS; open source CMS team keeps on adding more features into it, and tires to fix bugs for the next release. All of these features can be accessed by any individual.

On the other hand, custom CMS is susceptible to errors and need fixing and maintenance of bugs on regular basis. This makes custom CMS more expensive and beyond the reach of common people.

You can simply upgrade to a new version of CMS in case of open source CMS, just with the click of a button, same as WordPress.


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