Will the changes being discussed around altering the FCPA come to fruition in 2012? How has enforcement over the past two years changed how you address FCPA risk?

Join Tom Fox, noted FCPA attorney and author of the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog, and Patrick Kelkar, partner at The Mintz Group, an international investigative services firm, to discuss altering areas of FCPA enforcement that present higher or different risk as evidenced by recent legal actions.

In this presentation our speakers will:

  • Discuss new trends in the marketplace, specifically around new areas that present greater or different FCPA risk.
  • Introduce The Mintz Group’s new “Where the Bribes Are” FCPA heat map, and discuss specific cases associated with new minimum best practices moving forward (specifically Johnson & Johnson and Aon).
  • Explore examples of industry-specific FCPA cases in Energy/Defense/Aero and geographically specific cases, such as Brazil.
  • Review the importance of a preventative approach to a compliance program.

From this presentation you will:

  • Learn what companies can do to help themselves before hiring an investigator (tips on due diligence).
  • Gain insight on “How much is enough?” when it comes to due diligence on your business partners and third parties.
  • Understand why a focused and decisive response is required with the implementation of the Dodd-Frank whistleblower regime.
  • Understand the most current best practices for a compliance program.
  • Understand your additional risks under the UK Bribery Act and the associated guidance on adequate procedures.

With the increase in international anti-corruption enforcement, a minimum best practices compliance program is just the starting point. A nimble and agile investigative regime can help a company which is faced with an allegation of a FCPA violation. Hear the latest on how to protect your company.


Tom Fox, Independent Consultant, Tom Fox Law
Patrick Kelkar, Partner, The James Mintz Group



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