Study Hints at the Future of Cloud Computing

Howard Davidson | Bostinno

A recent study by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) revealed that changing government regulations, plausible exit strategies, and international data privacy are the most pressing concerns of business enterprises about to the viability of Cloud Computing adoption.

The study, published as “Cloud Market Maturity,” draws on responses from 250 cloud users in 50 countries, provides unique insight into the future of en-mass cloud adoption by contemporary global business enterprises.

Other points of contention about the cloud include questions of legality, contract solvency, fundamental data ownership, stability of providers, cloud integration with local systems, provider’s credibility, and industry testing and assurance policies.

While there is still progress to be made before critical integration of cloud computing technologies, there are also numerous positive indicators supporting planned adoption and perceived use and value of cloud services in the coming years.

The majority of study participants feel that cloud computing is still an adolescent technology with significant potential for growth; and some experts have estimated the enterprise cloud computing industry to grow to over 240 billion by 2020.  Respondents are also confident that cloud services are surpassing service and strategy expectations and that any shortfalls are being addressed.

J.R. Santos, global research director at CSA, stated in response to the survey: “As a first step, we as an industry must still work to provide a clearer definition of what cloud is and how the many innovative and secure services can help positively impact today’s businesses … Cloud needs can no longer be thought of as a technical issue to address, but rather a business asset to embrace.”


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