Should You Really Send That to the Cloud?

Sara Angeles| Businessnewsdaily

What’s harder than migrating to the cloud? For many small businesses, it’s deciding what goes into the cloud and what stays in-house.

Considering the amount of data small businesses store and all the security and compliance issues involved in moving it around, prioritizing data sets is a challenge for any small organization.

Jitscale, a managed cloud infrastructure provider, recently released the Cloud Migration Guide, a whitepaper offering small and medium enterprises (SMEs) advice when deciding whether or not to ship core IT department functions to the cloud.

“Growing SMEs may realize they need to get on board with cloud computing, but they often have questions about the cloud and how they can benefit from using it,” said Eelco van Beek, chief executive officer at Jitscale, in a press release. “And since an organization’s application portfolio might contain tens, hundreds or even thousands of different applications, choosing a strategy for moving these into the cloud can be daunting.”


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