by Alex Wilhelm

You know all about the JOBS Act. You know the arguments for it, the points against it, and that it has been signed into law. You even know that a group has formed to help self-regulate some of its more controversial elements. But what about that plan the President put forward just a few months ago?

You might have forgotten it, as the JOBS Act has essentially taken over the technology-political press. What Obama has put forward is the Startup America Legislative Agenda, which we covered here, some time ago. From that report:

Along with cutting taxes for small businesses, the President is supporting new ways of funding for startups, such as “crowdfunding”, and is calling for a national framework to be built to support the micro-donation avenue of funding.

Does some of that sounds familiar? It should. Parts of Obama’s Initiative has now made it into law via the Republican-authored JOBS Act, which is interesting, essentially underlining the fact that both of America’s political parties are eager at the moment to boost new enterprise.

Now that the JOBS Act has made it into law, it’s important that we untangle what Obama wants to do next, as it may impact how all tech startup tech companies do business. Intuit put together what we decided was a rather straightforward take on just that, so we’ve decided to bring it to you. Get your learn on (click for high-res):

Looking at all of that, it’s hard not think that many technology firms would benefit from its enactment. Let’s see what happens in Washington. We will, as always, keep you abreast of the latest.


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