It’s self-explanatory: Malaysia-based university comparison startup has recently launched its social platform for students in various tertiary institutions to connect with each other. The product is currently in beta mode.

The new platform will allow people to befriend others with similar interests, or fellow students at the same university. Upon signing up, users are asked to indicate which courses and countries they are interested in knowing more about.

Malaysian startup launches social platform UniFrens

In addition, students can post questions in groups and have these queries answered by other users in the community. At launch, the platform has already garnered more than 100,000 registered users.

Edwin Tay, Founder and CEO,, said, “ This feature will democratise the way information about a specific course, country or institution is presented and this can only mean good things for our students and parents visitors — as it helps them make a more informed decision about which course, institution or country they should go to.”

It is now a common practice for students to join groups on Facebook, and connect with fellow classmates or schoolmates. Will these students migrate over to’s UniFrens?

The platform is scheduled to exit beta and become entirely live in the next few months. In the future, there will be more features for students to interact with one another.


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