It’s Baaack: Myspace Plots Another Relaunch

If at first you don’t succeed, redesign, redesign again. This time, it just might work.

Minda Zetlin | Inc

Stop the presses! Myspace is planning a redesign!

I know, I know. Myspace was redesigned in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. Meantime the site–which once had more visitors than Google–has been steadily losing members. In January of last year the company announced it would lay off nearly half its work force. It seemed just about time to kiss Myspace goodbye.

Well, maybe not. Yesterday the site announced a coming redesign with stunning visuals. The plan met with skepticism from some, but others, particularly Gizmag’s Loz Blain, are seriously impressed. And there may in fact be good reasons to start taking Myspace seriously again. Consider:

1. Star power

When was the last time the announcement of a website’s planned redesign got attention from BBC News? This one has, and from a long list of other major news outlets as well. There are two reasons: Justin. Timberlake.

The superstar went in on the purchase of Myspace with Specific Media last year for $35 million, less than a tenth of what Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation had paid for it a few years earlier. Timberlake has offered himself up as a centerpiece for the sexy new video to announce the new Myspace, a contribution that may be even more important than his investment.

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