1. Keliwon
Rumours of a supernatural creature that the Army caught in a Pahang jungle has been circulating on the net.

2. Frankie Gao
The Taiwanese veteran singer, 63, died of leukaemia on Feb 17.

Malaysia’s Top 10 Trending Searches on Google

3. BR1M Status
Malaysians checked online for the status of the government cash payout which began Feb 22.

4. Ugly Alert
The popular South Korean drama premiered locally on Feb 18.

5. Erra Fazira
Speculation of a rocky marriage was confirmed when the popular actress divorced on Feb 18.

6. PR1MA
The online application for a government scheme to help low-income earners purchase their first house went live on Feb 24.

7. Champions League
Football fans checked on the latest match updates.

8. Liza Abdullah
The 1980s actress, recently seen in popular drama series Ariana Rose, split from her husband of 26 years.

9. Pompeii
The story of slave-turned-gladiator Milo in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii hits the big screen on Feb 20. It stars Kit Harington, Emily Browning, and Jessica Lucas (picture).

10. Oppo
Touted as having the world’s first swivelling smartphone camera, the Oppo N1 arrived here recently.


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