Every corporation’s application portfolio is undergoing a massive transition thanks to mobile and cloud computing plus web2.0 applications such as social, peer-to-peer, browser-based file sharing, etc. Clearly there are economic and corporate productivity gains in mobile and cloud computing, but not knowing what applications are flowing over an enterprise network can impact enterprise productivity.

Broadcom’s App-IQ technology, which is available as an integrated feature in its latest generation of Enterprise LAN Ethernet switch solutions promises to provide the enhanced technology for Web 2.0 traffic visibility and control. Together with integrated WLAN capabilities, these switch solutions form the cornerstone of leading switch OEM products, as they deliver on the promise of mobility and visibility required in current and next-generation networks. I talk with Sujal Das, Director of Product Marketing at Broadcom about its App-IQ technology and the visibility it provides to IT business leaders to control applications flowing over their networks.



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