Innovation in solar technology runs wild. What do you think of integrating solar cells to the helmets of skiers, bike riders and rescue workers? Of course, it requires more flexible and as well efficient solar cells. The researchers at the Frauenhofer Institute have made some advances in developing highly flexible solar cells that can be implanted on any complex surfaces.

By the end of the year, these highly efficient flexible solar cells (more than 20 percent) will be available on the market. A unit will cost around 100 Euros. These solar panels are made of mono crystalline silicon and so the risk of rupture is not at all. Even if the panel falls down, it may survive breakage and can continue to generate solar power.

Hopefully, helmet makers can utilize these stuffs to fix on the top surfaces of their products for a bit of extra energy. The Frauenhofer Institute is currently designing a Bluetooth-enabled solar ski helmet. After field testing, the solar-powered helmets for skiers will be shipped by the end of the year for a price around $400 (300 Euros). The power reaped through the solar cells can be used to charge MP3 players, phones or other devices.

Similar helmets may be up for bike riders and rescue workers as well in near future. According to analysts, helmet-integrated communication systems will get a boost with the solar-mounted helmets. The energy can be harnessed finely to power these communication systems. Plus, the helmet users can store extra energy to recharge their phones or other handhelds on the go.



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