European healthcare industry uses cloud services to streamline operations


Cloud based services are becoming key assets for European healthcare providers, as they attempt to increase revenue, improve service delivery and unify their applications.

According to a press release from analytics firm Frost & Sullivan, cloud solutions enable providers to deliver care at lower costs and across a wider geographic ranges. Specific tasks suited to cloud delivery may include recordkeeping, efficient data storage and consolidation of medical images and other patient data.

“The advantages of cloud computing in terms of storage size and storage efficiency, data loss prevention and facilitating synchronized and authorized sharing of data can change the dynamics of the European healthcare informatics industry in the course of time,” argued Frost & Sullivan analyst Raghuraman Madanagopal.

The release identified poor broadband penetration in Europe and concerns about security as potential limiting factors for cloud adoption, but remained optimistic about compliance and security improvements in the heavily regulated healthcare field.

The cloud remains an area of keen interest outside of Europe and in other industries, too. Writing for Forbes, Joe McKendrick cited a Research in Action survey stating that two-thirds of CIOs said cloud technologies would be their main investment area in 2013, indicating its appeal to a broader range of IT professionals.


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