Cloud computing and the value of zEnterprise


Like many companies, your business probably has an IT environment that encompasses multiple, diverse information technology assets that require significant staff and budget to configure and manage. This complexity poses challenges to IT organisations as they try to keep pace with the increasing demand for more services.

You need to provide your users with rapid access to dynamically scalable IT resources. Unlike a client server environment, cloud computing has the elements of rapid scalability, on-demand self-service, ubiquitous network access, rapid elasticity, location independent resource pooling, and pay per use. These characteristics are key to achieve an optimal and effective cloud computing experience for the end user and to maximise the value to the business. Many of these elements are established strengths of the mainframe.

Cloud computing is a way to organise and streamline your IT environment to reduce the complexity and to realise IT without boundaries. Cloud computing facilitates better use of existing IT investments allowing you to do more with fewer resources. You can achieve a highly simplified and efficient IT environment, improve service delivery, and lower your costs through physical consolidation, virtualisation, and better IT management. Cloud computing removes the barriers impeding the rapid delivery of new services and provides the opportunity to reinvent business processes and drive innovation.


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