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In now a days Cloud computing is replacing cluster computing, although cloud server is also built using somewhat clustering but it uses advance virtualization techniques to build a cloud server.

Cluster computing –  a group of identical servers connected with each other with replication and various other algorithms configured to keep all connected systems synchronized with each other. Special local network adapters are also required to replicate data in faster speeds.

CloudServer Cloud will sink Cluster Servers

A cloud is also set of systems connected with each other with virtual storage and data management due to use of Virtualization need of identical systems minimizes. It also reduces costs when it comes to large scale deployment also increases stability and reliability.

Cloud computing is consists on Virtual Machines and those virtual machines are easily portable and can be replicated across the cloud. By consumer point of view if a consumer hosting a website on cloud it can easily replicated on several cloud servers so even if or few servers get fails site will run from another available server.

If you buy cloud from some reputable site they’ve also deployed disaster recovery equipment with clouds so in most cases your data remains safe in case of disaster.

Due to increased demand of cloud computing vendors have strenghted their ability to provide more capable disaster recovery and business continuity.  large scale deployment has also reduced costs of clouds as compare to cluster computing even a cloud can be one fourth of a cluster having same configuration as cluster.

Cloud is really feasible for customers as they only pay for what they get, they dont need to pay for over charged super servers they can minimize or maiximize resources as per their needs so its really very handy for them to scale their server on what they need.

Cloud can be build with OS of your choice either you want to build a Linux Cloud Server or a Windows Cloud Server various web hosting providers offers you wide range of OS choices to select from.

Iam seeing cyber weather will be cloudy.

Why not Cloudy Cluster?

Well as cluster have several advantages the issues are its expensive and requires identical hardware and Operating system so why not build a Cloud Cluster? With advance virtual firewalls and virtual load balancers its extremely easy to build and manage cloud based cluster setup and its really inexpensive too.

If you pay $150 for load balancer you can get it for $40 only same if you are paying $1000 for identical web servers you can get it for 400$ when it comes to cloud. Cloud can really cost effective and productive in terms of management with less headache of downtime.


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