Cloud Computing and Its Overall Value

Marissa Tejada| Midsizeinsider

Cloud computing has proven to do more than just save businesses money, and companies are responding by adopting the technology with more enthusiasm. A new survey by International Data Group (IDG) shows that companies are seeing the cloud for its overall value, which means increased adoption in the future.

This trend will be especially noticeable among midsize firms.

IT Professionals Look to the Cloud

The IDG survey featured in InfoWorld took into account the responses from IT professionals at both the executive and mid-level management tiers. The results revealed that IT professionals are viewing the cloud as more than just a technology that saves money. Almost half of the executives surveyed said they believe cloud computing has the capability to positively shift their business strategies. Fifty-six percent said that their company’s business value would be improved by the cloud because of increased access to important business data and applications. Forty percent had their IT professionals researching cloud implementations. Only a small amount, 5 percent, stated that they find the cloud of no value to their business.

The companies that participated in the IDG survey already and spend 44 percent of their IT budgets on the cloud want to increase their budgets to 51 percent over the next two years. The InfoWorld article points out that businesses will eventually understand that data analytics, a booming technology for all types of firms, will play a larger role in the future because it can be scaled in the cloud as well.

Midsize Value in the Cloud

Midsize firms must be constantly aware of balancing their limited budgets and resources when it comes to implementing new technologies. It is important to note that a growing number of companies are recognizing that cloud computing does more than offer operational cost benefits. Numerous cloud vendors will take advantage of this increased demand in the market and target their cloud services to various industries and to the growing midmarket segment.

IT professionals at midsize firms are seeking the expertise of vendors that understand the needs and goals of growing firms. Many work with trusted cloud vendors to ensure that investment in a cloud implementation is the right move for the company — one that will offer increased productivity and scalability with little hassle and fast results.

No Stopping Now

The IDG survey points out that cloud computing is on the rise, and as more companies come to understand its overall value, its forward momentum will continue. Midsize firms are especially eager to access mission-critical applications that they would not be able to afford without the cloud. By working with experienced vendors, growing firms can make the most of their information infrastructures. The first step in the right direction is to recognize the cloud’s potential.


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