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TagMyDoc is a cloud startup document collaboration service based on cloud computing technology; this service is provided with the help of quick response code or QRC for receiving any document shared by the sender through the TagMyDoc service. This is the first such type of cloud-based service that substantially reduces the consumption of printing papers while easily allowing for efficient circulation and the collaboration of any document in a large group or an organization.

TagMyDoc offers both free and paid services – the paid services are more featured as compared to free one, but still, free service possesses sufficient features to work with for normal users like student, lecturers, seminar presenters, and small group or club member.

The sharing and receiving the each virtual copy of the document is very simple and easy – it is a “scan-and-get” service for each copy of any document. For scanning a QR code, a scanner application called ‘ScanMyDoc’ is required to install on your mobile device for scanning the QR code shared by the sender. Both the tagging and sharing of each virtual copy of the document is just a couple of step process with excellent security and reliability features.

here are many attractive features of this document sharing service; a few of them are provided below:

  • Very quick and easy to share documents among a large group of people quickly
  • Excellent security of the documents with the help of password and access keys
  • Very environment friendly service that reduces the use of papers
  • Option for adding comments and suggestions by the viewer
  • Support for multiple versions of the documents
  • Access to your tagged documents from anywhere across the globe
  • Free of charge account up to 50 documents of 2MB data
  • Very reasonable prices for premium and premium plus accounts – these accounts have access to many additional features of the service.
  • Tagging the documents directly from MS office applications is supported
  • Support for various mobile operating systems like Android, is and blackberry
  • Auto synchronization service is supported for cloud storage services of DropBox, box, and Google Drive – now, you can directly synch the your documents from these cloud storage services
  • Some new features have also been added recently; these services are email collector of the receiver, document access keys, instant-Get, and attractive new-look.

It is a nice service for both normal users with a small number of files and business users with bigger size and large numbers of files to tag and share the documents. TagMyDoc is providing an innovative and creative form of document collaboration and sharing services based on cloud computing.


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