82% believe that cloud computing will help them optimize their existing IT management

Pradeesh Chandran | business-standard

The adoption of cloud computing in India is witnessing a strong growth and the rate of adoption has witnessed a growth of around 25% over last year. A study conducted by cloud service provider Vmware and Forrester Consulting also said that the more companies are planning to deploy cloud solutions within he next 18 months.

The study VMware Cloud Index 2012 conducted in 11 Asia Pacific countries said that  around 40% of respondents feel that there is internal resistance to change that is hindering the adoption of cloud, suggesting that faster cloud adoption is possible for Indian organizations if these hindrances can be overcome.

“The survey demonstrates the potential for cloud computing in the country and reflects a double digit rate of adoption,” said T Srinivasan, Managing Director, VMware (India and SAARC).

The Vmware and Forrester study also said that 54% of senior IT professionals surveyed in India consider cloud computing as a top business priority. There has also been an improvement in the understanding of cloud computing with 72% of respondents claiming a good understanding about the technology

In India, while 80% of respondents believe that cloud computing will help enable their organizations to reduce IT costs, while 82% believe that cloud computing will help them optimize their existing IT management and automation capabilities.

However, many believe that data privacy, loss of control, integration with existing on-premise systems and security are the top barriers to cloud adoption in India.

The VMware Cloud Index 2012 also highlights that virtualization rates have reached critical mass in Asia Pacific and Japan. Reflecting the optimism for cloud computing, 62% of Indian organizations are increasing their budgets for training internal IT staff to support their cloud initiatives, it said. Beyond internal trainings, 56% of organizations surveyed in India said they are actively seeking to hire new staff with cloud expertise.

82% believe that cloud computing will help them optimize their existing IT management

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