NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire – Mar 5, 2013) – Logicworks, a global leader in cloud computing and managed hosting, today announced the wide release of the Logicworks Healthcare Cloud. Since its limited release in 2012, the Logicworks Healthcare Cloud has been tested and deployed by the industry’s largest healthcare application providers, multiple states’ Health Information Exchanges (HIE), and global IT consultancies, quickly becoming the cloud of choice for these diverse organizations.

Using the Logicworks Healthcare Cloud, clients launch and scale applications faster, facilitate sharing of information between their users, and deploy Big Data solutions at a fraction of their expected costs. The Logicworks Healthcare Cloud provides disaster recovery and hybrid cloud capabilities for clients operating internal infrastructures, and can be delivered as a single-tenant, fully hosted private cloud. Clients currently operate web, collaboration, and industry-specific applications on the Logicworks Healthcare Cloud, benefiting from the confidence that Logicworks understands and actively provides HIPAA-compliant standards of delivery.

Logicworks serves as a true Business Associate, and operates under the covenants of the complex, public and private sector Business Associate Agreements (BAA) in place with Logicworks Healthcare Cloud clients. Logicworks collaborates with every healthcare industry client to customize the terms of the BAA, ensuring these agreements address all relevant areas of service delivery and current compliance regulations.

The Logicworks Healthcare Cloud is also the first cloud product to gain wide adoption in the conservative healthcare industry. “Protecting Personal Health Information is a vast responsibility that requires a huge amount of investment in controls, policies, and procedures in order to get it right,” noted Kenneth Ziegler, CEO of Logicworks. “We ensure that the infrastructure our clients entrust us with meets the standards of the governing bodies who count on us to protect their data — whether it is for State or Federal projects, care providers, or insurance companies, we customize our infrastructure solutions to meet their application requirements with best-in-class technology partners.”

Following an extensive analysis of healthcare industry requirements, Logicworks built the Healthcare Cloud using the VMware vCloud® Suite and EMC’s reference architectures for healthcare.

“VMware is excited to be working with Logicworks on our vCloud for Healthcare solution,” said Frank Nydam, CTO, Healthcare, VMware. “Logicworks’ experience with running large, statewide HIEs on the VMware platform signals that they are able to help our customers safely and securely build hybrid cloud environments.”

“Logicworks Healthcare Cloud delivers on the promise of Medical Grade cloud computing — top-of-the-line reference architectures, consumed efficiently, providing users the agility they require to flourish in the complex regulatory environment of today’s healthcare industry,” says Jason Deck, Director of Strategic Alliances at Logicworks. “In tandem with Logicworks’ continued participation in complex Business Associate Agreements, the Logicworks Healthcare Cloud provides the business-level understanding and product capabilities healthcare organizations require to reap the full range of benefits from the cloud.”
Logicworks provides cloud computing and managed hosting to some of the world’s most respected brands including Dow Jones, NBC, Lincoln Center, Orion Health, and Logicworks specializes in Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Solutions for SaaS, Media, eCommerce, Mobile, Healthcare, and Financial services companies. Logicworks also offers a full suite of Compliance Solutions and Managed Database Services.

Founded in 1993, Logicworks is headquartered in New York City, in the heart of the Soho district. Contact Logicworks at 866-FOR-LOGIC or visit For more insight into Logicworks innovative approach to cloud computing, visit

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