Cloud computing is slowly attracting the attention of CIOs in the utility industry as they continue to look for ways to improve operational efficiencies or cut costs – despite concerns about regulatory compliance, security and expense.

A new report from IDC Energy Insights provides an analysis of utility plans for integrating cloud computing services now and into the future, available options and things for those CIOs and others to consider when weighing the value of cloud services to their businesses and identifying the right service to help manage IT operations.


“Utility industry professionals are slow to adopt newer forms of technology deployment modes,” says Usman Sindhu, senior research analyst, Utilities IT Strategies, IDC Energy Insights. “However, they’re equally interested in learning about cloud services and how they can create value for the organization. Although cloud adoption is nascent, multiple cloud initiatives — such as Green Button, home energy management, and smart grid network management — are on the rise.”

The report is based in part on a recent IDC survey that found:

  • 52% of respondents said their budgets for cloud services grew in 2012
  • Almost 36% said they were evaluating cloud technology, and 23% said they were planning on implementation within the next year
  • Almost 43% cited security as the primary roadblock to adoption, a response consistent with earlier survey results
  • Private cloud is more desirable than public cloud

In addition to value, cost benefit and reliability, the report also outlines nuts and bolts issues (such as safeguards and agreements) to consider when negotiating with vendors.

Click the link below for more information and to order the IDC report.


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