According to the cloud computing consulting firm CoreMatrix, the health care industry is in an era of transformation, and cloud computing has proved useful as the industry has been adopting cloud solutions to help meet many new information technology challenges that it faces, Marketwired reported.

Cloud computing has been so helpful because government incentives have been driving health care providers to use electronic health records, which means that they need to manage a great deal of data, which is a signature attribute of cloud solutions. Add this to the fact that the cloud is proving to be cost-effective and secure, and you’ve got a match.

The cloud would allow physicians to share patient data and coordinate care, Marketwired reported. And concerns around data security and patient privacy are dissipating, Marketwired quoted CoreMatrix cofounder Paul Nix as saying. Nix also noted that cloud benefits like on-demand computing and scalable storage are attractive to health care organizations whose existing IT resources can be quickly overwhelmed by industry demands.


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