Cloud computing can slash IT expenses by half – Executive


Businesses can still achieve more with less and remain competitive through cloud computing, according to an IT firm executive. “Businesses that migrate their IT systems to the cloud could save at least 50 percent of their expenses on infrastructure, management and support,” says DataOne Asia President and CEO Cyril Rocke.

Rocke said the cloud helps companies minimize expenses on procuring and maintaining their IT infrastructure.

“Most IT users tend to underestimate the cost of procuring infrastructure. Companies cannot do it in a snap and they need to follow a long procurement process that is costly and could last more than a year. This process severely damages businesses, and reduces their ability to react and roll out new ideas and solutions,” explained Rocke.

Rocke says moving to the cloud downsizes a company’s lengthy procurement process; enabling companies “to save time, man-hours, skills development and troubleshooting.”

DataOne Asia Sales Manager Olga Bautista also cautioned companies of the risks from building their own IT infrastructure.

“If a company wants to build its own infrastructure from scratch, it would need to invest almost P2 million for just four servers. It still has to hire an IT staff to maintain the system, for an additional P100,000 monthly,” added Olga Bautista, DataOne Asia sales manager.

“However, if that company opts for cloud computing, monthly bill would likely range from P10,000 to P15,000 only, depending on their requirements. Also, in our case, we have an expert support staff 24/7, so IT managers have nothing to worry about,” said Bautista.

Rocke adds that cloud computing gives the reins of a company back to its CEO, enabling the CEO to “refocus on his core business and investment.”

Cloud computing also offers companies the flexibility to try new ideas, according to Rocke. One example is by experimenting with different programs and applications, and testing which one suits the company’s needs.

“With a traditional IT system, introducing a new idea entails a heavy process, stifling innovation and creativity. This will hurt the company down the line,” said Rocke.

“This is why the cloud is an ideal platform for innovation. It has a low-risk procurement process, and CEOs define what they want to buy for how long. And if ever there was a mistake in the sizing, they can be stopped or changed,” he added.

Rocke said his firm offers customizable cloud services that can be adjusted to suit the client’s needs.

“Competitive CEOs shorten their procurement process, minimize their IT costs and avoid delays. And one way to achieve these is by jumping into the cloud,” Rocke said.


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