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In the past year, several startups have emerged with plans to change the way we discover, share and consume e-books. Some have focused on making e-books more interactive, others are trying to build more and better experiences around e-books.

Not all of these efforts may ultimately catch on with readers, but the hope is that they provide readers with more options and potentially inspire some of the bigger players in the space to innovate as well. With that in mind, here are some of the most exciting startups in the e-book space right now.


Oyster has been labeled the Netflix for e-books. The startup has raised an initial $3 million round of funding to build an iPhone app that will offer a curated subscription for e-books. The goal is to provide access to an unlimited number of carefully selected books for a monthly fee so that people can focus on which e-books they’d like to read rather than which e-books they’d like to buy.

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