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From Foursquare to Facebook, using social media lists as a personal curation tool is an increasingly easy and fun way to sort through the noise on your favorite network.

Business owners can also use social media lists to curate content on behalf of their customers, whether it’s to emphasize nearby neighborhood hotspots for brick and mortar businesses or to maintain high-touch relationships with super fans.

To find out more, I asked a panel of successful young entrepreneurs to share their smartest social media list-making strategies. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Share Brand Values With Fans

Stacey FerreiraIncreasingly, we’ve been seeing companies start to use lists to promote their brand. For example, the Virgin Group has created lists on the new MySocialCloud platform to share its beliefs with fans. This allows fans to connect with both the company’s values and the products the company is selling.

Stacey Ferreira, MySocialCloud

2. Curate Needs-Based Lists

Melissa CasseraA great way to curate valuable social media lists for clients is to base the lists on the clients’ needs. As a publicist, I created a Twitter list for “Media on Twitter” that’s helpful to my small business followers who are looking to reach members of the media.

Melissa Cassera, Cassera Communications

3. Monitor Client Requests

Wade FosterThe number one thing we’ve seen success with is simply being there when people need help. More and more customers take to Facebook or Twitter with problems rather than sending an internal support email. Being able to respond quickly helps them get what they need, and anyone else who stumbles across us sees that we provide good service via social media.

Wade Foster, Zapier

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