If you don’t have much in the way of start up capital starting an online business could be the way to go.

Not only can it be started with very little capital (no need to hire staff, rent premises or invest in stock) but it can also be run in your spare time, so you don’t have to give up your day job or other opportunities until it is up & running successfully.

Furthermore the internet provides so much scope for generating an online income for many types of internet businesses.

So let’s have a look at some of these online business opportunities that not only work but can provide a lucrative income stream for you…

  1. Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business

    Freelance Writing Jobs

    Becoming a freelance writer is a business that you can start at home & develop into a viable way of generating a significant & reliable income.

    Not only can you make really good money by writing, but you can become a respected author in your field.

    To start with you won’t need any special writing skills as such as long as you can write competently & with a certain amount of authority on various topics.

    In fact the more you write the more proficient you will become & before you know it you will be churning out sought after articles, papers, stories & even ebooks.

    Here are a few resources that you can follow up with to get started as a freelance writer;

    • Elance

      Elance has tons of writing assignments & other jobs available from various companies worldwide & therefore have a continual demand for competent online writers to fulfill these assignments.

    • Real Writing Jobs

      Real Writing Jobs provides many freelance writing jobs from companies all over the world, that pay up to $50 for just one short article, as well as tons of free writing tools including article templates, writing software to make it easier to write intelligently on any topic and so on.

  2. Start a Virtual Web Hosting Company

    web hosting reseller

    That’s right, you can generate a decent income by having your own web hosting company & sell web hosting packages under your own branding.

    It’s a very simple & affordable process – once your reseller account is set up you will have full control regarding how much to charge for what packages as well as control over suspending accounts etc.

    Furthermore with this inexpensive reseller account you can host unlimited domains, get unlimited email accounts, get access to website templates, shopping cart software, etc.

    Get your own reseller web hosting account set up & start marketing your hosting packages within 24 hours.

  3. Make Real Money Just By Blogging

    make money from blogging

    These days it seems that everyone worth anything has their own blog & spends many hours blogging away madly.

    While that may be so, it would be great if you could do it and make some lovely money from doing it at the same time.

    So what does one blog about you may ask?

    Well when it comes to blogging, the subject or topic of your blog could probably be to do with a hobby or interest you are passionate about or even on a subject that you may be an authority on.

    The point is the topic should be something you know a lot about, as for your blog to be interesting & popular you would have to make regular blog posts which have interesting & compelling content to ensure your blog visitors keep coming back for more.

    Anyhow, whatever you do just start blogging because, done correctly, blogging equals loads of money.

    So to get started, go here to find out how you really can start making cash from your own free blog »

  4. Write & Publish Your Own eBook for Profit

    write ebook

    Ebooks are simply one of the best online business ideas that exist today & can be created for next to nothing and sold for almost 100% profit – even you can write, publish and profit from your own ebook.

    Remember information is a valuable commodity that is in high demand and, thanks to the internet, can easily be packaged, published & sold electronically.

    For more information on how to write and publish your own profitable eBook in less than 7 days »

  5. Buy & Sell Domain Names Online

    Make Money Selling Domain Names

    With all the TLD (Top Level Domains) options available, ie .com, .net, .info etc. there still exists huge opportunities for anyone to make really good money speculating with domain names which is still one of the best ways to make quick money online.

    Furthermore, domain name speculation is not only easy & lots of fun to do, but also takes very little investment with massive profit potential.

    Many businesses & webmasters are constantly on the lookout for appropiate domain names for their businesses & client & willing to pay high prices for suitable domains.

    So to start making money now you should start by getting an account & buying some domains at Go Daddy (arguably the biggest & best domain name regitrar on the net) for cents & selling them for dollars.

    Incidentally you can check on eBay & elsewhere to see what domains are selling for but to give you an idea this is what these ones sold for:

    Internetbank.com $ 92,800
    E-Privacy.com $ 35,080
    eloans.net $ 6,060
    a1restaurants.com $ 730
    stormnews.com $ 765
    SkinCleanse.com $ 2,885
    LADoctor.com $ 15,000
    MrAirline.com $ 15,000
    Engineering.org $198,895

    Finally to snap up expired domain names quickly & cheaply this Domain Name Software will do the job for you & allow you to grab great domains which you can sell for huge profits.

  6. Make Money By Taking Photos With Your Digital Camera

    make Money with Camera

    If you can take photographs reasonably well with your digital camera you could be on your way to earning a few hundred dollars a day by doing this.

    This is a real opportunity that will allow you to start making money from your own small home based business just by taking photos of objects, people, wildlife & so on and then submitting the digital images online for profit.

    Find out more about how you can start making money with your digital camera here »

  7. Sell Stuff From Your Own Website

    Make Money by selling Stuff from Your Own Website

    Establish your own online presence with a professionally designed website template, which you can choose from hundreds that are available for immediate download (for free with this web hosting account), which you can upload to your own hosting account »

    Or if you prefer, with this account you can also set up a powerful WordPress blog, quickly & easily (for free), & choose from the many great looking WordPress themes (& other free WP plugins) that are available.

    Once that’s set up you can start marketing products & services from your website.

    The products & services that you promote could be to do with your particular interests or actual products that you have created yourself.

    If you have no idea what to market you should signup with the affiliate networks below which all offer a huge range of digital products from which you can choose & sell for a commission;

    Read this report for more tips & information on affiliate marketing »

  8. Sell Stuff Without Your Own Website

    online business without a website

    The principal here is pretty much the same as the above, except for having to have your own website, as you will be marketing products & services on the internet for a commission.

    So once again sign up with the affiliate networks above & select the products you feel will offer acceptable commissions & those for which a reasonable demand exists.

    How to Select Products That Are Both Profitable & In Demand

    It must be noted that choosing obviously popular products that are in demand, it is worthwhile avoiding those products that are extremely popular as you may have too much competition trying to sell them – so the trick is to opt for those that aren’t too popular but that still have a reasonable demand. This is very important & you should really do some some niche marketing to ensure that you can exploit those lesser known but profitable niches & maximize your earnings.

    So once you have your products with your affiliate ID embedded into their links you can start marketing them.

    Marketing Your Chosen Products Effectively For Quick Profit

    Well the most popular & effective way of doing this is to set up a Google Adwords account, do some keyword research & create some killer ads for your products.

    If your Google Adwords ads & keywords have been set up properly you could have an instant flood of traffic clicking your affiliate links all over the internet as your ads will be flighted on websites to do with your ad’s topic & on Googles search results pages.

    Now the crucial part – if the click through rate & conversion rate is high you will be well on the way to earning big commissions.

    However things do not always pan out as easily as this – while Google Adword’s powerful system can create floods of highly targeted traffic for very little outlay, it can also cost the unwary campaigner a heap of cash for very little return.

    It would therefore be wise to do some research & learn how best to structure an effective Adwords campaign – employing the best Adwords strategies will almost certainly make you a lot of money but jumping in blindly will probably cost you a lot with little return.



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