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Cloud computing’s adoption in the enterprise has been primarily driven by personal use. People are now accustomed to being able to access their personal email and documents from all devices and at all times. So it only makes sense we should be able to do this with our work content! As I’m sure if you’re reading this article, you’re already with me.

It’s not you I have to convince, but it’s you who has to convince your CEO. But I’m guessing if you aren’t there already, he’s a huge skeptic. So how do you persuade him/her otherwise?

Here are 5 steps to convince your CEO 0n cloud computing:

  1. Keep it short and simple, this may seem like common sense, however your CEO gets a lot of information and great ideas thrown at them day in and day out. Your pitch should be short. This means you’ll have to do the homework ahead of time. Here are a few articles to help you brush up on your cloud computing vocab and determine which type of cloud will best suit your business requirements.
    1. Vocab
    2. Common myths
    3. Benefits of: Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud
  2. Include both the benefits and risks. Your CEO isn’t a dummy, they know there is no such things as a one size fits all fix. So make sure you include not only the benefits, but also the risks your business may encounter if they switch to cloud computing.
  3. You can transform your IT to a strategic team. If you decide to go with a public or hybrid cloud, you’ll be able to outsource a lot of the maintenance and day to day activities that typically fill up your IT team’s agendas. In turn, this will give them freedom to work on strategic initiatives.
  4. Come with a timeline. Cloud computing comes with a major benefit – you can get up and running relatively quickly. Like as quickly as going to Amazon and logging in quickly. Bring your CEO a timeline and an easy project to get started with. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, starting with an easy project will safeguard the rest of your company’s transition.
  5. Boast about mobility. Every CEO either travels, or rarely has the time to sit and digest the information at their desk. So really talk up the mobility that comes with a cloud computing transition. It’s the very reason why its gaining so much attention. By using cloud based apps, your employees have more mobility and freedom. They can be connected and collaborative at all times of the day, without any obstacles. So in CEO speak, “higher productivity, innovation, and collaboration” – even for his/her busy schedule.

All of these steps will not get you anywhere unless you do your homework. Take the time to educate yourself before you try and convince someone else. However, these actions and the Business Innovation Cloud section should definitely help you get started.



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