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Do you want to carry around your favorite movie collection, your humongous music playlist or your life’s history in photos, all at the same time on your Android phone? Yes! You can do that and more, without even having your phone’s memory all swallowed up.

This is what the truest form of portable technology, Cloud storage lets us to do. A Cloud storage solution is one of the most acclaimed segments of the charismatic Cloud computing technology; in fact it has become an omnipresent feature of the Cloud that promises users limitless resources and computation.

What’s the Hype Around Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage involves the storage capacities of some of the most gigantic computing machines, virtualizes them and puts them at the disposal of user. A Cloud storage solution is like an additional repository for all the devices you use, whether at work or at home.

Furthermore, with synchronization that is the main differentiator of Cloud Storage, you get to access your files from everywhere, without having any file transition hindrances.

Cloud Storage for Android – How Good is it?

Other than desktop devices, Smart phones are considered second most commonly used devices through which majority of the people interact with data, internet and varied other IT resources. Moreover, through a study it has been learned that by 2014 Smartphones will replace the desktop web usage. Hence it’s quite an ability of Cloud Storage solutions that allow users to consume data, share it, store it and synchronize it all through their Smartphones.

Android powered phones being the forerunners in the smart phone industry get to attain the most out of this trend as more and more Cloud storage providers are inaugurating their service support for Android. Cloud computing is literally bridging the gap that users previously endeavored while handling data through multiple devices. Now they can access their Cloud storage for saving gigantic files or retrieving their favorite music, movies, pictures, or other sensitive files on the go from their Android phones.

Benefits of Using An Android Supportive Cloud Storage Solution

The thought of having your entire storage of the most cherished files on your phone without having its memory at stake, is enough to attract some of the most ardent Android fans. However, there are other things as well that you can do all from your phone once it gets your Cloud storage Client installed.

The anytime/ anywhere accessibility slogan of Cloud, is denoted well with Android Cloud Storage solution. If you are away and you want to share pictures with your loved ones, Android powered Cloud storage solution lets you do the job more efficiently. Moreover, if you use the same Cloud storage solution at work, you can tally your documents or make amends directly from your phone- this feature is great for users who have their Cloud Storage spaces shared among other users.

Besides, synchronization, robust security, support and more, Android Cloud storage solution never lets you worry again about your phones internal memory. If you want to save something that is big, just select it or download it directly to your Cloud storage on the fly.

Top 5 Android Compatible Cloud Storage Solutions

Providing plethora of features and ease, fortunately for use there are like various Android Cloud storage providers present today. However, some are highly significant in terms of their offerings and pricing. Read on below, the Top 5 Cloud storage services that are a must-have for every Android phone users.

Dropbox: Being the first Cloud storage app, Dropbox is the most widely used solution. It takes the lead for providing users some of the very functional and efficient features that nowadays other Cloud storage solutions are also adopting.

It lets Android users upload anything and everything and access them without any issues. Dropbox grants great amount of storage even on its free subscription, but of course specifies nominal charges if you want more.

Box: Just like Dropbox, Box also provides users a complete control of their ‘stuff’ which they can access through their android phones. With box uses have the ability to share their data with their contacts; however, on the downside this app doesn’t sync your data with your other devices automatically.

Google Drive: It was previously termed as Google Docs; however Google remodeled it so that it would accommodate Cloud storage services, however, coupled with Android, this Cloud storage app works flawlessly. Users can upload their documents, make changes and access it from anywhere.

SkyDrive: Similar to Google, Microsoft too has its own version of the Cloud storage service which is known as SkyDrive. Skydrive lets you store all of your data on to the primly maintained Microsoft Cloud servers. This is also a very cool android Cloud storage app which features a metro style user interface and lets users create or delete folders and share files and photos.

Verizon Cloud Storage: Verizon just recently launched its android supportive Cloud storage app and since then it has been generating waves of popularity. With Verizon Cloud customers can do everything they are likely to be doing with Dropbox. You can safe keep your data into the Verizon cloud ensuring it remains intact if your phone gets lost or needs to be wiped.


The aforementioned Cloud storage solutions are all but the best storage options that are out there. However, the choice on whom to pick is yours. If you feel like being on the free account suits your needs the best, then I guess you need to pick the one that provides that biggest storage capacity for free.

On the other hand and especially in terms of functionality I believe that Dropbox Clearly holds the distinction for being the most popular and proficient Cloud storage solution there is out there.


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