Cloud computing has opened up a world of opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). This innovative new way of managing and accessing information over the Internet enables them to take advantage of business solutions that were once reserved for much larger enterprises.

Today, SMBs are able to compete in a global market with more agility and more freedom, as cloud computing provides the necessary resources to respond to customer and industry demands from virtually anywhere, at any time, and from almost every type of mobile device.

SMBs are also reaping the benefits of cloud computing when it comes to ERP solutions. Once a costly investment that often proved too much for small and medium-sized companies, cloud offers affordable on demand ERP options without sacrificing the benefits companies expect from an on-site ERP software system, including increased productivity, efficient growth and greater return on investment.

More Savings, Less Commitment

While traditional ERP solutions require a substantial investment in IT infrastructure, systems integration, and internal project management and IT resources, utilizing cloud computing to access an on demand ERP system is actually quite affordable. The minimal investment usually includes a small up-front cost and then a monthly subscription fee. Although there may also be an implementation fee, it too will be considerably less than an on-premise system simply because the company does not have to bear the expense of installing software, initializing environments and configuring databases.

On demand ERP solutions provide the same productivity, convenience and cost saving benefits as a traditional system, without the high level of commitment it takes to manage the hardware and software within the physical structure of the company. Finally, SMBs can enjoy all of the advantages of a global business solution at a price they can afford.

Compete with Greater Flexibility

By leveraging the capabilities offered in an on demand tier-one ERP system, SMBs are able to perform and compete at a much higher level than ever before. The flexibility of this option alone means companies can quickly and easily adapt to ever-changing business needs and resource demands.

From an efficiency standpoint, there really are no limits or boundaries to contend with. Financial resources are not tied up in an expensive system, nor is access to information confined by time and location. Productivity is enhanced like never before because work can be done from virtually anywhere, anytime and from almost any mobile device, PC or browser.


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