#1. Mobile penetration in Malaysia is higher than Indonesia, United States and world’s average
However according to UBS research, Malaysia only ranks #4 in Southeast Asia in terms of mobile penetration, behind Singapore, Vietnam and guess what, Cambodia!

12 facts you might not know about mobile in Malaysia

Malaysia mobile penetration

#2. 77 per cent of mobile subscriptions in Malaysia are pre-paid
The remaining of 23 per cent of mobile subscriptions are post-paid. 43 per cent of mobile subscriptions are 3G connections.

Malaysia mobile contract type

#3. Smartphone penetration in Malaysia is now 51 per cent
Statistics earlier this year indicate 35 per cent smartphone penetration but now, every one in two adults in Malaysia are smartphone users according to Google’s study.

Malaysia smartphone penetration

#4. 42 per cent smartphone users have made a purchase via their phone
Prior to the purchase, 91 per cent smartphone users are using their phone to research products.

Malaysia smartphone usage

#5. Smartphone is most used in the middle of the research phase
Google has provided a further breakdown on how smartphone is being used, with 77 per cent used in the middle of the research phase, compared to the beginning (41 per cent) and immediately before purchase (16 per cent).

Using smartphone as primary shopping companion

#6. 74 per cent play games on their phone
The casual gaming segment has certainly been boosted by Facebook and recently LINE, with popular games like LINE POP, LINE PLAY, LINE Rangers, Disney Tsum Tsum etc.

74% play games on their phone

#7. 35 per cent access the internet only via a smartphone
This group of people is what we call the pure “mobile only” group who are using only mobile rather than PC or tablet to access the internet.

35% access Internet using mobile only

#8. Smartphone is most used at home, compared to at work and on the go
96 per cent use their smartphone at home, 83 per cent at work and 72 per cent on the go.

Smartphone usage at home, work, on the go

#9. Smartphone is most used together with music
Since smartphone is mostly used at home, it is not surprising that smartphone is frequently used while watching TV (43 per cent), just behind listening to music (57 per cent) and using internet (56 per cent).

Multi-tasking with smartphone

#10. 13 million Malaysians are actively using mobile to access social media
That also means that 44 per cent of the population are active social media users on mobile.

Malaysia mobile stats

#11. More Malaysians are accessing Facebook via mobile
More than 8.7 million (out of 10 million) Malaysians are accessing Facebook via mobile on daily basis, while it is more than 14 million (out of 15 million) on monthly basis.

Most Malaysians use mobile to access Facebook

#12. There are more than 10 million LINE users in Malaysia
LINE has announced in April 2014 of reaching 10 million users in Malaysia, establishing itself as one of the top three mobile messaging apps here with WhatsApp and WeChat.

10 million LINE users in Malaysia


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