SingleHop Launches VMware Powered Public Cloud

Geoff Simon| Technorati

Chicago-based SingleHop, who manages automated hosting and infrastructure services, announced they will be offering a new enterprise grade public cloud powered by VMware. This allows companies to take advantage of the instant scalability, reliability and other rich capabilities of VMware’s VCloud® Suite, without all the hassles of it’s technical back-end.

Customers can now move to SingleHop’s Public Cloud to handle large traffic spikes, and are only charged for the resources they use. Due to advanced cloud service deployment technology within VMware’s product, cloud servers can be added or subtracted in as little as 60-seconds in order to match demand in real-time. Hourly pricing ensures that organizations pay only for the resources they use, and SingleHop also provides 24/7/365 support from VMware-certified engineers.

“The promise and potential of cloud computing carries with it the need for reliability and responsiveness. The new SingleHop Public Cloud, based on VMware cloud infrastructure technology, gives users of all sizes exactly what they need,” said Andy Pace , SingleHop Chief Operating Officer. “Our new offering combines VMware’s renowned dependability and scalability with SingleHop’s LEAP Control Panel for the ultimate in flexibility and ease-of-use.”

In addition to desktop support, SingleHop’s LEAP control panel also provides mobile support to control physical and virtual resources remotely via an iOS or Android app. You can also create custom rules in a “if this, then do this” type format, which automates resource allocation based on users specifications. Additional information can be found on the companies

SingleHop was founded back in 2006 and raised $27.5M in series A financing last year. The company’s co-founder and CMO Dan Ushman told Pando Daily, their goal for 2013 was “geographic expansion”, and have plans to open a data center in Europe soon.


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