The key to success of any organization is quality workforce, which is the most complex asset to identify, form, and retain. But, the advent of Zoho Recruit has made this difficult task of recruiting individuals easier. Zoho Recruit is a component of Zoho Suite, and one of the greatest cloud-based solutions for recruitment with a number of features.


Who can get the Most out of Zoho Recruit?

Zoho Recruit is the ideal solution for:

  • HR businesses who offer solutions of recruitment as their major business unit to other businesses
  • Small businesses aiming to recruit new workforce, searching for an efficient solution for application tracking and management
  • Zoho recruitment is also perfect for talent acquisition departments, corporate recruiters and recruitment firms

Zoho Recruit allows them to effectively manage CVs, resumes, job vacancies, and potential candidates. This allows them to spend more time in identifying the right candidate for a particular job post by providing them a lot of great features including automatic parsing; tagging openings of jobs, sending customized emails etc.


How Zoho Recruit Provides Effective Solution for Recruitment?

Resume Souring and Management

This feature allows resume sourcing from different sources including social media, corporate site, job boards, web etc, and management of those resumes.

Contact and Client Management

This feature allows management of hiring managers and clients. A user can quickly view the current status of job post and update all related interviews and openings.

Automated Postings of Job

This feature allows the use of customized fields in order to automate the task of job posting and to track activities related to a particular job such as candidate submittal, notes, interviews etc. with the help of Zoho Recruiter, list of open jobs can be easily created and exported.

Parsing of Resumes 

Zoho Recruit integrates with eGrabber and RChilli which means that resumes can be imported quickly from any of the source like HTML, PDF, and Doc files.

Candidate Experience and Workflow

This feature allows individuals to customize the workflow design of the recruitment process in order to manage recruitment notifications and activities. The workflow module let users to generate email notifications based on certain actions.

An Affordable Solution

Standard and Free editions of Zoho Recruiter are easily available. The cost of standard edition of Zoho Recruiter is £12.50/month/recruiter.

How Xcluesiv can help?

In Singapore, Xcluesiv is the first alliance partner of Zoho that provides on-demand affordable collaboration and business productivity applications to small and medium sized companies across the world. Xcluesiv helps companies in providing complete cloud-based HR solution.  Our cloud specialists are here to help corporate HR departments and Recruitment companies in the implementation of Zoho Recruit.



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