This will not be wrong to say that all the small as well as large businesses are busy in getting traffic in order to improve their online presence. Those businesses that want to progress with increased traffic to their websites are finding new paths of expansion every day.
What’s the Perfect Recipe of Business Online Presence
Social media optimization and search engine optimization are two strategies that are becoming more essential for businesses to maintain their online presence. It is impossible for business owners to decide on which efforts they should focus on if they do not have the right information about these strategies.


Social media optimization is a sort of talented and young brother of search engine optimization.  Social media optimization involves establishing and regularly updating the sources of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc.

The end goal of social media optimization is none other than getting traffic from different sources. The target of social media optimization is to reach individuals rather than the search engines that they use in their normal routine.

Social media optimization is inviting individuals into conversations than just broadcasting any message. It is about listening to the gossips of social media and then acting accordingly on the results. It is about twitter handle and hashtag on business updates, and a responsive SMO team for those individuals who respond.

Social media optimization is the integration of multiple channels through multiple touch points in order to provide customers with a consistent experience.  The social media optimization strategy is not unimportant to implement as it has the potential for not only to drive sales however to change customer experience as well.

Social media optimization is not only about making a big presence on social media for a brand, it is more than that. Social media optimization can bring an increased amount of traffic to a website, as friends talk with their friends about specific content and encourage them to digest that.

Nowadays, businesses can possibly reach their targeted audiences by appealing to particular individuals, which will ultimately develop the interest of their friends. In addition to this, social media optimization also leads to improved SEO, because major search engines consider and count links as the votes for a website.

Social media optimization requires much more time and emphasis on updated content and attention grabbers as compared to search engine optimization. The benefit of search engine optimization might be seen quicker as compared to search engine optimization. On the other hand, SMO can stall out at certain point in case when connection with friends and followers, and constant updates are not maintained. Social media optimization can degrade, that ultimately lead to few results as compared to search engine optimization.


In this age of internet, you will hardly find any business owner who would not be familiar with the concept of search engine optimization. In simple words it can be said that search engine optimization is needed to get high ranks in search engines such as Bing and Google by improving the expressive content of a website.

The philosophy behind search engine optimization can vary, however most businesses seek it for getting first page ranking by employing keyword suitable for their business. As there are billions of websites, so this makes getting the position on initial page of search engines an extensive and a time consuming task for businesses. This can take several months or years to get the higher rank in the search engines, however there is a great advantage of accomplishing this particular task.

Without search engine optimization, potential customers do not able to see the website of a particular business. In order to get forceful online presence, businesses need to maintain and improve their search engine optimization. It starts with making a strong strategy for SEO and then integrating that into the strategy of a brand.

The ultimate goal of this search engine optimization strategy is to drive more traffic on web and to increase sharing and links on social media and other websites. The search engine optimization strategy must include an idea of creating engaging and legitimate web content to optimize searches on web. In addition to being informative and robust, the website of a brand must reinforce its brand image.


For the best results and profits, businesses must not ignore adding this ingredient. The mixture can drive a large amount of traffic towards a business website. Together, these two optimization strategies can generate huge profit for a business. So, business that are going to select any one of these should ignore versus effect, rather they should go for the mixture of both.

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