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Another cloud-based business continuity and disaster recovery solution is currently in development. This time, VeriStor Systems and Zerto have partnered to develop a new cloud offering that will combine the VeriStor Cloud Continuity service with the hypervisor-based Zerto Virtual Replication solution.

This partnership comes about through VeriStor joining the Zerto Cloud Disaster Recovery Ecosystem. VeriStor plans to integrate Zerto Virtual Replication into its Cloud Continuity offering, which will add the ability to protect virtualized workloads in a fully automated, bi-directional manner with centralized, multitenant management of infrastructure.

“Maintaining RPOs for our customers’ data is a key element in how we are measured for the quality and delivery of our Continuity service. Customers depend on us to deliver the confidence that their replicated data is current and accessible in the event of an outage or disaster,” said Omar Torres, director of Cloud Services Architecture and Operations at VeriStor in a prepared statement. “With the addition of Zerto Virtual Replication, VeriStor is now able to deliver near-continuous data protection capabilities to our replication services, allowing us to achieve RPOs within seconds instead of minutes or hours. This allows us to meet the most stringent RPO requirements for those customers that demand it.”

According to the two companies, the combined cloud solution will be able to provide customers with a resilient and cost-effective cloud disaster recovery service, putting it in competition with several other cloud disaster recovery and business continuity solutions that have come onto the market in the last couple of years.

With a growing concern about natural disasters affecting uptime, more businesses are looking to the cloud to keep themselves up and running even if they’re without their physical infrastructure. Vendors and solution providers have been building cloud-based business continuity services to help those businesses maintain their day-to-day operations even should a disaster knock them off their feet.

And with more offerings coming onto the market frequently, it seems there is still ample room for growth for others who want to expand into the space.


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