Using Cloud Computing To Increase Employee Productivity And Contentment

Abdul Salam| Cloudtweaks

Every supervisor, manager, or HR officer knows that a content employee is a productive employee. So in this regard many companies implement some form of employee recognition and awarding scheme to facilitate productivity and contentment, and also add some bit of healthy competition –which we know for a fact does not always mean friendly. But rarely is it an effect of the work environment and tools that make the employees content and happy.

Well cloud computing is one of those rare things that helps with employee contentment and productivity. First on our list are Remote Access and collaboration capabilities. These bring a lot of flexibility for the employee, which makes their time, even in the office less boring and monotonous. What I mean is when a person has the option to work anywhere within the premises, we often get somebody who is more productive and happy. Like for example if a person likes to work around nature or with a friend who does not happen to be in the same room, then that person should have the option to do so. And it will not help if he is tethered to a desktop.

This can be done through remote access and a bunch of cloud computing applications and collaboration tools. Now imagine if people are allowed to work from anywhere, not just within the office building, they could even work even when on vacation or even when they are sick and cannot come to the office. This extends productivity well beyond the office and will help with employee contentment as well.

Another thing that cloud computing will help solve around the office is the storage media anxiety or the flash drive anxiety. Has it ever happened to you or someone you know who has worked so hard on a report or something, and is already running late to a meeting some ten floors from their office floor then suddenly realize that they forgot the laptop or flash drive containing the report? Well you can bet that a good fifteen minutes will have been wasted running back and forth and seeds frustration thrown around. With cloud storage and backup, this is definitely a problem that we can bury in the past. It will not matter where the meeting will occur or if you forgot to bring your laptop or flash drive, employees will be confident that they will be able to access important files wherever they are. Again, all of these facilitate flexibility and also gives peace of mind which in the end would create less stress and create a general aura of contentment among the employee population.

These are some very basic things you can do with cloud computing, and there are so many possibilities and things you can try to use cloud computing to help employee productivity and help them get the job done easier. All it really takes is vision, some creativity, and the guts to move out of the familiar and do something new.


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