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Google, IBM, Microsoft, HP, Dell and several other large IT companies of this world are currently working overtime on one common technology, which is creating ripples across the IT world. This technology is called, Cloud Computing. You may wonder how come all these big technological companies are working on the same platform, when they all can individually develop their own. The reason is that, Cloud is now really big. Every one of these companies wants a slice of the $100 billion industry, which is growing at a stunning rate of over 40% annually.

These huge IT organizations are trying to find ways to provide better and more economical solution to the existing cloud hosting options, so that more and more companies can benefit from this amazing technological wonder.

Cloud computing is actually an offshoot of the popular grid computing, which was introduced in the mid-1980s and still continue to evolve as per the prevalent market conditions and situations. Not only Cloud hosting and cloud server hosting is more economical and beneficial, but it is more powerful and reliable compared to any existing IT framework. No wonder more and more enterprises and companies are joining the bandwagon, and hoping to get
more exposure of this huge technological revolution.

In this article, we will discuss two unique advantages of Cloud computing, as observed firsthand:

Powerful Cloud-Secure Protection: Cloud servers are secured by a new technology called cloud secure, which is considered as world’s most powerful security system. Within this system, the data and information which are stored are encrypted in a unique format which is almost impossible to decode and break into. You may find the
world’s most advanced anti-viruses and anti-malwares residing within this system. Whenever Cloud computing is being implemented across any vertical, then this extremely powerful and reliable Cloud-secure security mechanism is activated, which ensures that the data and information is always safe and secured. This is one of the most
popular reasons for wide-spread cloud adaptability across different markets and niches.

Pay As You Go: Earlier, in the traditional system of providing IT infrastructure and hardware, the companies used to purchase or rent a fixed number of hardware units and servers for their usages. Now, whether the demand of these resources is high or low, these companies were struck with the existing IT framework. But with Cloud computing, the trend is entirely changing. The current trend is of pay as you go mode; wherein you are only required to pay for those resources, which you are actually using and implementing. Hence, the hardware units,
network equipment’s, data servers and dedicated server are not actually physically implemented in your premises, but are used on a metered basis, wherein each minute and second is being tracked. And at the end of the billing cycle, you would be only billed for those resources which have been actually used by you.


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