Taiwan adopts cloud-based disaster and emergency info system


The National Fire Agency of Taiwan’s Ministry of the Interior is deploying NEC‘s cloud-based disaster and emergency information system as part of Taiwan’s Disaster-prevention and Rescue Cloud Plan. This project is part of the Ministry’s information service platform for disaster prevention and rescue. NEC will be responsible for the software-as-a-service used for cloud platforms installed in the Ministry’s data centers.

Centralizing disaster-prevention systems

Until now, the servers and software used for uploading data to Taiwan’s central disaster information system were installed and operated by each municipality. This new cloud-based system will make it possible to integrate these disaster-prevention systems, thereby providing coverage throughout Taiwan.

This project is aimed at streamlining maintenance and other operating expenses. It also aims to provide advanced, highly convenient disaster-prevention systems and services that will enable the utilization and linkage of geographic information systems (GIS) that covers the entire Taiwan. The project will also enhance the sharing of central and regional disaster information, facilitate rapid decision-making and on-site support for disaster counter-measures, and allow residents to provide government and municipal agencies with disaster information via the internet.

The primary functions of this system are:

Disaster situation management

This system centrally manages and displays information that is collected by meteorological, transportation, communications and other national agencies, as well as disaster prevention information. This information is displayed using GIS and other integrated tools. This function enables national and local government officials to provide well informed support for disaster prevention operations based on the information collected.

Strengthening on-site response

This function makes it possible for local government officials to use PCs, smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices to input disaster information from affected areas in video, image or text format and then share this information with related agencies and disaster prevention centers.

Network-based notification

With this system, residents can provide local governments with weather reports, disaster information and information on communication, electric power, transportation and other lifelines via the internet, as well as receive responses from local government officials.

Since this system is operated simultaneously with separately constructed information disclosure systems, necessary information in the event of a disaster can be swiftly disclosed and distributed via TV, radio, the internet, mobile devices, digital signage and other means. NEC is also developing an authentication platform that allows users to access both the new system and the existing National Fire Agency http://www.nfa.gov.tw/main/Index.aspx?ID=2 -related systems via a single sign-on.


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